my quiet eyes look to you
and are gently drawn to yours
they change color to the deepest blue
when you return my gaze

I slowly step closer as my hand reaches out
to softly graze your cheek
you lower your eyes and smile that enchanting smile
that captures my heart every time

your uplifted gaze calls
again to pull me in
as you quietly whisper
with that sly smile “c’mere”

my hands glide gently
up your arms
as I pull you close
I feel my heartbeat quicken
as your warmth embraces me

my shallow breaths
give away my passion and need
I feel your arms tightly embracing me
pulling me closer

I deeply breathe you in
my face lost in the tangle of your hair
you smell of vanilla lavender and sandalwood
earthy warm and inviting

our embrace brings peace
as you slowly melt into me
your smallness encased within
I now know where home is