Ode to a child dying

I was working in the ICU unit and was pulled into the peds ICU and this work is derived from that experience. The love, pain and sheer emotional tidal wave was palpable at times… This work describes one small slice of that encounter that affected my life in such a powerful way

tiny innocent
for life
simply fighting,

parents sweating,
crying blood,
trying to infuse
life by touch,

tears awash,
turmoiled lives,
revolve around
visiting hours,

parents grasping
at straw hopes,
cursing life,
cursing death,

looking to blame
only themselves,
knowing this,
they cannot
themselves blame,

begging god,
take me,
let the little
one live,
only silence,

dripping seconds
congeal into
regretful days,

we plead,
heal quickly
love awaits,

silently screaming
making deals
with destiny,
if this
then i’ll that
no deal

frustration rises,
pendulously swinging
to sorrow…

tiny fingers
grasp hope,

clinging love,
imparting joy,
waving goodbye,

bitter agony,
souls rending,
plotted roses…

New Life
slowly awakens,
virgin utopia

welcoming home
tiny innocents,

celestial star,
newly discovered
twinkling softly

alive forever
in hearts
and heavens…