your breath quickens as you realize
that I am writing only to you
knowing I am touching your soul
speaking unspoken words
that only we two can know

my heartbeat quickens also
knowing I am touching you so deeply
without hands or arms
but with a soul touch
that only love can express

your small face in my hands
kissing you softly
caressing your neck
closing the distance
as our eyes close together
truly seeing who
we were meant to be

I so adore
these stolen moments
instants of time frozen
in my memory
of you


silver stars in hot pink skies
slowly sink towards the sky’s hot rim
as golden wisps of clouds
gently wash over me

I see the bluest blush
deeply calling to me
quietly enticing
I softly kiss
your coral flushed skies

peach stained curves
entice and cajole
seducing my being
crying aching for my return
patience patience


I raise my hands
towards heaven
to the sun
moon and stars
they try to
high five me
but fail

all the while
the devil entices
trying to fuck me
in the back seat
of his car

i have loved you

i have loved you
where the stars hailed
upon the ocean,
in the infinity
of depth,
the secret places
no one thinks upon

i have loved you in
the moments where
the song thrush
gathered music
in her throat
to call the sun to dawn

i have loved you
soft as silence steals
surrender from
a soul that never
before resigned itself to grief

yours is the heart
in this morning of all mournings
i had dreamed of
to awaken in tidal recession,
to convey itself
as a singular relief


I can feel your heart across the miles
close to mine, warmly near and open
gazing at the gaping hole marring my being
accepting of my simple brokedness…

the shape of all you are fills the maw
that pain and doubt have carved out
of my soft fleshy heart
beating so quickly in your hands
still cowering in my corner

deep brown eyes gentle and knowing,
aware of the pain I bleed
softly glance into my soul
and pulls me close into herself
I collapse and gently weep away
the anguish and loneliness
gathered over the years

entangled hearts sometime meet
across the miles and years
slowly captivating the other
with a quiet caress or word
which draws me in slowly, inevitably
making me yearn for love again

for you jls…